SupercellxHAL – Yeah Oh Ahhh Oh!

“Note: Please buy the original on iTunes. Thanks to Supercell for making this wonderful song.”

Song title: Yeah Oh Ahhh Oh!

Artist: Supercell

One, two, one, two, one two (yeah~)

Yeah Oh Ahhh Oh Oh
Yeah Oh Ahhh Oh
Yeah Oh Ahhh Oh Oh (Oh~)
Yeah Oh Ahhh Oh Oh
Yeah Oh Ahhh Oh (Hoo~)

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News #02

Dear Minna,


April 01. 2013, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic’s chapter 179 RELEASED!!
As I surf on AnimeFreak(dot)com (searching if Magi has already released it’s 25th episode), I saw that there is Magi on the Manga update section. You can read it on MangaReader(dot)net.

Link Here:

News #01

Dear Minna,


As I surf in the internet, I found something in JPOP ASIA (dot) com.
So here’s what happened: I was surfing the net and visited jpopasia(dot)com. I searched Supercell‘s page there to look for their past album’s track list (because I was downloading songs for my playlist). I saw that Supercell will release their new single “Hakushikassai Uta Awase” on 12 June, 2013!
I was so happy, and eager to tell you guys about this news. I haven’t seen an article regarding this, but JPOPASIA is one of my trusted sites so I know it’s true.


Thank You,
Inoru Moekyun ❤

Featured video

The Bravery by Supercell. The first time I listened to this, I felt like “WOW! Another Supercell master piece!”
Although, I’m always thinking about Koeda’s voice. Koeda’s voice is so energetic, that I missed Nagi‘s voice. 
What if Nagi is the one who sang this song? 
But, all of the sudden, the song is all WONDERFUL!!

To Koeda: Astonishing!